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Everything You Need to Know About DrainTrap

  • DrainTrap
  • 9th May 2018

Thinking of buying a drain protector? Not sure what to look for?

This quick and informative post covers everything you need to know about DrainTrap, and what makes it the best product for you!

What is DrainTrap?

DrainTrap is an all-purpose drain protector.

The fine steel filter acts like a sieve and is designed specifically to catch waste food and hair that would otherwise flush down your drain and clog your pipes.

Its special design means it can cover almost any plughole in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bath or shower.

DrainTrap makes cleaning simple – allowing you to dispose of lumps of food and hair waste quickly and safely.

Why do I need a DrainTrap?

Many people treat their kitchen sink like a waste disposal. It’s an easy mistake to make when you have a pile of dishes to clean, all with lumpy, crusty, leftover bits of food stuck to them. You don’t want to spend all that time leaning over a bin, scraping sticky food off with your fingernails. You may as well rinse them under the tap and let the water wash it all away, right?

Well, not quite. It may seem like a quick fix, but it’s a bad habit can lead to BIG problems.

Just because you can push it down your plughole, doesn’t mean you should.

Too much food and/or hair flushing down the plug hole is one of the biggest causes of smelly drains, clogged pipes and even bigger plumbing problems.

Drainpipes are simply not designed to cope with lumps. Unlike a proper waste disposal unit there are no whizzing blades to cut up chunks into manageable slime. And despite what you may think, the flowing water is not pressurized enough to guarantee to wash it all away. Your pipes are full of twists and turns, notches and bumps. Perfect for catching food and getting it stuck. All it takes is one bit of pasta to get clogged, and it will build up and up until not even the water can get past.

“But I’m careful to only let small bits of food go down the drain.

Is that really so bad?”

Unfortunately, yes. Because it’s not just big chunks that cause problems.

Over time, soap and grease builds up in your drain pipe leaving a sticky residue that will catch even the smallest lumps of food.

Even tiny strands of hair will build up in your pipes over time, so the drains in your bathroom are also at risk. Even the smallest bits of debris can cause serious blockages and lead to major problems in your pipework.

It’s a problem you can’t ignore.
Food that gets stuck in the pipes will degrade and rot, sending horrible smells up through the pipes, out of your sink and all through your house. Not a great way to impress your house guests!

And it gets worse.
Blockages can get so big that they clog the pipes completely. This could leave you with a sink full of stinky water, but even worse these blockages are often too serious to be removed with drain cleaner or a plunger and require specialist plumbing assistance.

Here’s the solution:
DrainTrap can help you avoid these unpleasant and sometimes expensive problems by preventing the blockages growing in the first place.

DrainTrap’s fine mesh design means absolutely no food waste or clogs of hair can escape down the plug hole. You can rinse your dishes and wash your hair in peace, knowing that DrainTrap is there to protect your pipes. When you’re all finished you can simply remove the cover and carry the waste straight to the bin.

What’s so great about DrainTrap?

There are loads of things that make DrainTrap a great product:

No plastic – DrainTrap is made of stainless-steel as opposed to plastic like many other drain covers. This means it contains none of the toxins of the plastic alternatives and is much more eco-friendly!

Rust-proof – The stainless-steel used to make DrainTrap is durable and robust. It’s highly resistant to corrosion meaning it’s 100% rust proof. This ensures a long-life performance whilst it stays looking sparkling and new!

Zero Blockages – The elliptical 3mm size hole design of the drain filter makes sure there is NO blocking when placed over your shower or bath drain and kitchen sink. Whilst effectively latching on to hair and food DrainTrap drain strainers ensures there is a consistent water flow.

Flat Edge Design – Unlike many plastic and silicon drain covers DrainTrap’s steel design allows for a wide flat edge around the circumference of the filter.  This ensures it is secure in place, preventing hair or food falling down your drain. The flat edge design also makes the drain protector really easy to remove meaning there’s no need to put on those marigolds and fish out the nasty hair and food! The edge is rounded, not sharp, making it comfortable to remove without straining your fingers.

Easy to Clean – The rust-proof stainless-steel material along with the elliptical hole design makes the drain cover super easy to clean resulting in NO food or hair getting trapped around the holes! Either spray and wipe clean or simply wash under your tap and wipe clean to maintain that impeccable shine.

A Perfect Fit – DrainTrap Size S drain protectors are made to fit the average sized kitchen and bathroom drains. This to allows you to get multi-use out of your product. The Size L is great for if you have a larger kitchen sink drain.

Size Small

Height = 1.5cm
Outer Diameter = 7cm
Inner Diameter = 4cm

Size Large

Height = 2.6cm
Outer Diameter = 11.3cm
Inner Diameter = 7cm

What do other people say?

It’s not just us who believe that DrainTrap is an incredible product offering the perfect solution to a common problem. Here are a couple of our most recent testimonials from happy customers:

“Excellent little bit of kit. Does the job extremely well. The flat design sits perfectly in the plug hole. Removing the odd bits of food from the kitchen sink is now a far nicer experience.”


“Perfect, wish I had bought this years ago. Really pleased and encouraged by the customer service also. 5 stars!”

– Chloe

How can I buy DrainTrap?

You can buy DrainTrap from us directly right now on Amazon.

There’s no need to wait as it’s even eligible for next day delivery with Amazon Prime.


DrainTrap Small RRP £10.99

Now just £7.19

DrainTrap Large RRP £12.99

Now just £7.99

Click here to buy DrainTrap on sale now!


What if I have more questions?

You can contact the team at DrainTrap via our website or facebook page.


Or leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

We’re always happy to answer questions and receive your comments regarding our product.

For more info, check out our other blog posts offering useful tips for cleaning your kitchen/bathroom sinks and advise which foods are the biggest threat to your pipes!






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